Arellano Chiefs

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Arellano Chiefs
Arellano University
Logo of Arellano Chiefs
JoinedNAASCU: 2001-02
NCRAA: 2005-09
NCAA: 2009-present
LocationManila, Philippines
Team colorsBlue, Red and Gray
Women's teamLady Chiefs
Juniors' teamBraves
Seniors' general championships
Juniors' general championships

The Arellano University Chiefs is the athletic team of Arellano University. It is a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the National Capital Region Athletic Association (NCRAA). The team has several intercollegiate varsity sports teams for women and men at Arellano.


Originally as the Arellano Flaming Arrows, the team won the National Student's Championship (NSC) in the 1970s. Years later, the Chiefs entered the best-of-three finals in the men's basketball division of the NCRAA in 2006 when they were defeated by the Saint Francis of Assisi College Doves. In a repeat finals appearance in 2007, head coach Leo Isaac finally led the Chiefs to the championship with a 67–64 game three win against the EAC Generals. The Chiefs relied on their defense to stop EAC's Ronjay Buenafe, while supporters of the rival teams had to be restrained inside the Rizal Memorial Coliseum. The then Baby Chiefs also defeated the Olivarez College juniors team in their own title series to ensure both NCRAA basketball titles would go to their Juan Sumulong Campus.[1]

In 2008, the Chiefs reigned anew against 2006 tormentor St. Francis in two games.,[2] while the Baby Chiefs also swept the Dovelets in juniors' competition to keep both basketball trophies.[3] The Chiefs' NCRAA championship caused their qualification to the 2008 Philippine Collegiate Championship for basketball. In the PCC, they defeated UCN Golden Dragons in the first round, but they were eliminated in the quarterfinals by three-peat NCAA champions San Beda Red Lions.

The Chiefs were able to qualify anew for the 2009 NCRAA finals, but they were defeated by upstarts Universal College Golden Dragons in overtime to deny the Chiefs of a third consecutive championship, while the Baby Chiefs were luckier as they defeated the Rizal Technological University Baby Thunders to clinch their third consecutive championship.[4]

The Chiefs are also the reigning three-time Fr. Martin Cup champions, their last championship coming in 2009 against Philippine Merchant Marine School.[5]

With the departure of Philippine Christian University (PCU) Dolphins after exposure of several juniors' players enrolling with forged documents, the NCAA originally opened its doors for new members, and Arellano was one of the schools that lodged their application.[6] Arellano was named as one of the frontrunners,[7] but the NCAA Policy Board fail to garner enough number of votes to admit a new member which closed the doors for new members for their 2009–10 season.[8]

However, the NCAA invited "guest teams" instead, and Arellano, along with the AUF Great Danes and fellow NCRAA member EAC Generals were accepted as guest teams for the 2009–10 season, where they are also eligible to win championships.[9]

The Chiefs finished their 2009 campaigned fifth, the best among the guest teams, with an 8–10 record.[10] At the end of the tournament, Giorgio Ciriacruz was named as part of the Mythical Five (all-NCAA team), the only player from a guest team to be named in the five-member roster.[11]

On the NCAA Season 86, Arellano has upgraded from its guest to probationary status. While on the Season 87 of NCAA, Isiah Ciriacruz won't play for the season due to a sustained injury and Adrian Celada was named as Team Captain.[12] And the school grab its regular membership on the league during the 89th Season.[citation needed]


Arellano Chief roster
Players Coaches
Pos. No. Nat. Name Height Year High School
Abañes, Richard
Alcoriza, Rence Luis L.
Cañete, Michael M.
Concepcion, Archie D.
F 15 Philippines de Guzman, Adrian Charles B. 6'4" (1.93m) Arellano
16 dela Cruz, Levi II O. 5'7" (1.7m)
F 13 Philippines Enriquez, Allen S. 6'4" (1.93m) Saint Catherine's Academy
Filart, Nielson John A.
G 5 Philippines Meca, Brylle Ivan M. 6'0" (1.83m) USPF
C 9 Cameroon Ongolo Ongolo, Elie 6'8" (2.03m)
Padilla, Carl Angelo M.
Rivera, Renzil D.
PG 16 Philippines Salado, Michael Kent A. 5'9" (1.75m)
Taywan, Marwin C.
Teng, Mico Angelo L.
Villoria, Kraniel S.
Head coach
Assistant coach(es)

  • (C) Team captain
  • Injured Injured
Bontao, Paul Joseph
Calapine, Godwill
Canete, Jhon Rodney
Danas, Jason
De Leon, Koby Bryan
Dela Torre, Guilmer
Dularte, Anaclito
Espiritu, Marlon John
Fornis, Resty B.
Garcia, Dylan Ric F.
Sunga, Lars Christian
Tamayo, Niño Rico
Torrejos, Charles Kissack
Velasco, Roy Edmund
Yumang, Juncris L.

Head Coach: Tylon Darjuan

Notable players[edit]

  • James Forrester (skipped final three years of eligibility to play professionally)
  • John Pinto
  • Jio Jalalon (skipped final two years of eligibility to play professionally)
  • Keith Agovida
  • Gio Ciriacruz
  • Isiah Ciriacruz
  • Leonard "Bimbot" Anquilo
  • Orlando Daroya
  • Lee Boliver
  • Allen Virtudazo
  • Alfie Martinez
  • Tylon Darjuan
  • Jordan Melaño
  • Gerald Espinosa


The volleyball team of the team are already a powerhouse once it joined it 2009. Currently, the women's volleyball has 2 straight finals appearances (Season 89, and 90) which, in the 90th season, they became the champion. And 1 finals appearance in the men's tournament (Season 86). They are now listed as one of the greatest teams in Philippine Collegiate Volleyball.

Women's volleyball roster[edit]

NCAA Season 95[13]
Arellano Lady Chiefs roster
No. Name Position
2 DINO, Charmina Outside Spiker
3 ORTIZ, Joyce Marie Outside Spiker
4 JUANICH, Mikaela O. Middle Blocker
6 VERUTIAO, Sarah Princess (c) Setter
7 FLORES, Faye Anne Marie Libero
8 SAN GREGORIO, Allyna Marie Outside Spiker
9 BUEMIA, Cherry Anne Libero
10 PARALEJAS, Donnalyn Mae Outside Spiker
11 ABAY, Tricia Marice Middle Blocker
12 EBUEN, Necole Opposite Spiker
13 AROCHA, Regine Anne Outside Spiker
14 SASUMAN, Nicole Victoria Outside Spiker
15 DONATO, Carla Amiana Middle Blocker
17 DAISOG, Alliah Grace Setter
  • Head coach: Roberto "Obet" Javier
  • Assistant coach: Richard Estacio[14]
NCAA Season 91 women's line-up


Jersey No. Name Position
2 Rialen Sante Outside Spiker
4 Angelica Macabalitao Middle Blocker
5 Rhea Marist Ramirez Setter
6 Andrea Marzan Outside Spiker
7 Maria Erica Calixto Opposite Spiker
8 Jenicalynne Tan Setter
9 Jan Eunice Shayne Galang Libero
10 Maria Angela Sanchez Libero
11 Angelica Sawali Outside Spiker
13 Regine Anne Arocha Outside Spiker
14 Danna Henson Outside Spiker
16 Shirley Salamagos Middle Blocker
17 Christine Joy Rosario Middle Blocker
18 Jovielyn Grace Pardo Outside Spiker
  • Head coach: Roberto "Obet" Javier

Men's volleyball roster[edit]

NCAA Season 93 [13]
Arellano Chiefs roster
No. Name Position
2 LIBERATO, Kevin C. Middle Blocker
3 LAPUZ, Demy Freedom M.
5 MENESES, Edmark F. Setter
7 ARELLANO, Tonnel L.
8 CABILLAN, John Joseph R.
9 SEGOVIA, Christian Joshua A. Middle Blocker
10 ESGUERRA, Joshua C. Libero
11 ARELLANO, Keanu L.
12 BLANCO, John Christian T. Libero
14 CACCAM, Junnel P.
15 DELA PAZ, Christian B.
16 SORIANO, Christopher Vhal (c)
17 LIBERATO, Jesrael C.
18 MANALANSAN, Timoti Jhon E. Reserve
19 SANTO, Daryl P. Reserve
  • Head coach: Sherwin Meneses
  • Assistant coach: Bryan Vitug [16]
NCAA Season 91 men's line-up
# Name Position
2.) Kevin Liberato Middle Blocker
3.) Benrasid Latip
4.) Rishnan Jed Digal
6.) Tonell Arellano Libero
7.) Sanny Sarino
8.) John Joseph Cabillan
9.) Christian Joshua Segovia
10.) Kenneth Aliyacyac Outside Spiker
11.) Keanu Arellano
12.) Lawrence del Esperito
13.) Daryl Santo
16.) Christopher Vital Soriano
17.) Dan Carlo dela Cruz Libero
18.) Edmark Meneses
  • Head coach: Sherwin Meneses

Juniors' volleyball roster[edit]

NCAA Season 91 juniors' line-up
# Name
1.) Jan Michael Efa
2.) Jesus Valdez
3.) Raymund Martinez
5.) Jefferson De Guzman
6.) Barrie Roldan
7.) Piolo Navarez
8.) Kikar Asgali
9.) Ferdinand Jamis
10.) Ben Titong
12.) Ian Carl Catanduanes
13.) Aldimal Waham
14.) Hanz Fragata
17.) Mac Razzel Decena
18.) Lance Reymart Manuel
  • Head coach: Sherwin Meneses

Beach volleyball[edit]

NCAA Season 93


  • Princess O. Bello
  • Sarah Princess T. Verutiao
  • Glydel Anne Liu


  • Christian B. Dela Paz
  • Demy Freedom M. Lapuz
  • Joshua C. Esguerra


  • Jesus Valdez
  • Adrian Villados
  • Zachary Dablo (reserve)

Notable players[edit]

Women's Division
Jovielyn Prado, Mary Anne Esguerra (c), Princess Bello, Meredith Balanova, Rhea Ramirez, Sarah Verutiao, Faye Flores, Glydel Liu, Cherry Buemia, Necole Ebuen, Regine Arocha, Andrea Marzan, Carla Donato, Eunika Torres, Head coach: Roberto "Obet" Javier
Jovielyn Prado (c), Mary Anne Esguerra, Princess Bello, Meredith Balanova, Rhea Ramirez, Sarah Verutiao, Faye Flores, Glydel Liu, Cherry Buemia, Regine Arocha, Andrea Marzan, Carla Donato, Eunika Torres, Head coach: Roberto "Obet" Javier[17]
  • NCAA Season 90 champions
  • Jovielyn Grace Prado
- NCAA Season 92 2nd Best Outside Spiker and Finals' MVP[18]
- NCAA Season 93 1st Best Outside Spiker
  • Rhea Marist Ramirez
- NCAA Season 91 Best Setter
- 2017 PVL Collegiate Conference Best Setter[19]
  • Regine Anne Arocha
- NCAA Season 93 Best Opposite Spiker and Finals' MVP
- 2017 PVL Collegiate Conference 2nd Best Outside Spiker[19]
  • Necole Ebuen
- NCAA Season 93 Rookie of the Year
  • Christine Joy Rosario
- NCAA Season 91 Best Spiker
  • Diane Ticar
  • Angelica Legacion
  • Elaine Sagun
  • Danna Henson
  • Shirley Salamagos
  • Menchie Tubiera
Men's Division
  • John Joseph Cabillan
- NCAA Season 92 2nd Best Outside Spiker
  • Kevin Liberato
- NCAA Season 92 1st Best Middle Blocker
- NCAA Season 93 1st Best Middle Blocker
  • Christian Dela Paz
- NCAA Season 93 2nd Best Outside Spiker
  • Carlo Lozada
Juniors' Division
  • NCAA Season 93 beach volleyball champions
- Adrian Villados Jesus Valdez Zachary Dablo
  • Adrian Villados
- NCAA Season 93 beach volleyball MVP
  • Gideon James Guadalupe
- NCAA Season 93 2nd Best Middle Blocker


The chess team of Arellano University has bagged two straight championships, being one of the top contenders in the area of this sport.

Joshua Arias Carl Jaedrianne Ancheta
Carlo Caranyagan Don Laurence Cerujano
Alcon Paul Datu James Michael Erese
Don Tyrone Delos Santos Juwon Mikaelo Grande
Kyz Llantada Kyle Jazz Ibañez
Jeremy Lorenz Parado Paula Mae Lim
Miguel Niguel Peñero Jasmine Zyrelle Navarez
Tucker Howard Viernes John Roman Mapalad

Head Coach: Rudy Ibañez


Alvarez, Joey
Asmala, Hatim
Banaag, Edward
Dima, Abu-jandal
Gamay, Marco
Garcia, Louie
Indanan, Mosmer
Makedon, Philip
Manalata, Raimer
Mina, James
Muñoz, Justine
Muñoz, Lester
Ocampo, Ervin
Polentisima, Ezra
Rasad, Wasber
Santos, Ivanne

Head Coach: Carlos Padilla


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