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QL may refer to:

  • .QL, an object-oriented query language used to retrieve data from relational database management systems
  • QL (chemical), the chemical isopropyl aminoethylmethyl phosphonite, a precursor to the nerve agent VX (NATO code)
  • Quadratus lumborum muscle, a muscle in the lower back
  • Query language, computer languages used to make queries into databases and information systems
  • ATCvet code QL (Antineoplastic and immunomodulating agents), a section of the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System for veterinary medicinal products
  • Sinclair QL, a 1980s home and personal computer by Sinclair Research
  • Bedford QL, a three-ton military 4x4 truck by Bedford Vehicles
  • Philips QL, an induction lighting system by Philips; see electrodeless lamp
  • Le Québécois Libre, a political webzine
  • Queensland, Australia
  • Queen Latifah, American hip-hop artist, singer and Oscar-nominated actress


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