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As, AS, A. S., A/S or similar may refer to:

Art, entertainment, and media[edit]

Business legal structures[edit]

Businesses and organizations[edit]

Education and research[edit]


Mathematics, science and technology[edit]


Health and medicine[edit]

Units of measurement[edit]

  • Arcsecond, 160 arcminute, a unit of angular measurement
  • Attosecond or as, 10−18 second, a subunit of time
  • Attosiemens or aS, 10−18 siemens, a subunit of electric conductance

Other uses in mathematics and science[edit]



Other places[edit]

  • As-e Jadid (اس جديد, "New As"), a village in East Azerbaijan Province, Iran
  • As-e Qadim (اس قديم, "Old As"), a village in East Azerbaijan Province, Iran
  • American Samoa (ISO 3166 code AS)
    • .as, the Internet country code top-level domain for American Samoa
  • Australia (NATO country code AS)


  • Æsir (singular: ás, áss, ǫ́ss), one of the pantheon of Norse gods
  • ʿAlayhi s-salām (عليه السلام), Arabic for "Peace be upon him", post-nominal posthumous Islamic honorific

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