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Ban, or BAN, may refer to:


  • Ban (law), a decree that prohibits something, sometimes a form of censorship, being denied from entering or using the place/item
    • Imperial ban (Reichsacht), a form of outlawry in the medieval Holy Roman Empire
  • Ban (medieval), the sovereign's power to command
    • King's ban (Königsbann), a royal command or prohibition in the medieval Holy Roman Empire
  • Herem (disambiguation), a Hebrew word usually translated as "the ban"
  • A ban could be served on people in apartheid-era South Africa




  • Ban (Internet), the banning of individual users from websites
  • Body Area Network, a wireless network of wearable computing devices
  • IP address blocking, a block set up by a server or website that blocks requests originating from particular IP addresses or ranges of addresses
  • Stealth banning or shadow banning, a practice used in managing online communities



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