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Belt may refer to:


  • Belt (clothing), a leather or fabric band worn around the waist
  • Championship belt, a type of trophy used primarily in combat sports
  • Colored belts, such as a black belt, worn by martial arts practitioners to signify rank in the kyū ranking system


Mechanical and vehicular[edit]

  • Belt (mechanical), a looped strip of material used to link multiple rotating shafts
  • Conveyor belt, a device for transporting goods along a fixed track
  • Belt manlift, a device for moving people between floors in a building or grain elevator.
  • Seat belt, a safety device in automobiles and on the plane
  • Timing belt, part of an internal combustion engine
  • Serpentine belt, move accessories of a combustion engine.
  • Belt track, a type of track used on Caterpillar-style vehicles
  • Belt armor, a layer of heavy metal armor plated onto or within the outer hulls of warships
  • Belt (firearms), a type of ammunition used in light machine guns, like the M240 and Mk 48.
  • Steel Belt, a type of machinery part and conveyor's Steel Belt



  • Asteroid belt, a region of the solar system between Mars and Jupiter
  • Gould Belt, a partial ring of stars representing the local spiral arm to which the Sun belongs
  • Kuiper belt, a region of the solar system beyond the orbit of Neptune
  • Orion's Belt

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