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Buck may refer to:

Common meanings[edit]

Arts and entertainment[edit]


Fictional characters[edit]


First name[edit]

Stage and ring names[edit]

  • Buck 65, stage name of Canadian hip hop artist Richard Terfry
  • Buck Angel, stage name of American trans man, adult film producer and performer Jake Miller (born 1972)
  • Buck Dharma, stage name of American guitarist Donald Roeser (born 1947)
  • Buck Henry, stage name of American actor, writer, and director Henry Zuckerman (1930–2020)
  • Buck Jones, stage name of American film actor Charles Gebhart (1891–1942)
  • Buck Owens, stage name of American singer and guitarist Alvis Owens Jr. (1929–2006)
  • Young Buck, stage name of American rapper David Darnell Brown (born 1981)

Ring names[edit]

  • Bunkhouse Buck, a ring name of American professional wrestler James Golden (born 1950)
  • Buck Quartermain and Buck Q, ring names of American professional wrestler Jason Seguine (born 1967)
  • Buck Zumhofe, a ring name of American professional wrestler Eugene Otto Zumhofe (born 1951)

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