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Jacks may refer to:

  • Knucklebones, a game of ancient origin, also known as "jacks"
  • Jacks (band), a 1960s Japanese psychedelic rock band
  • Jacks Mountain, a ridge in Pennsylvania, United States
  • Jacks River, a river in the Cohutta Wilderness Area, Georgia, United States
  • Jack's, a fast food restaurant chain in the United States
  • Jack's, a value retail chain in the United Kingdom, part of the Tesco Group
  • South Dakota State Jackrabbits, the athletic program of South Dakota State University

People with the surname[edit]

  • Al Jacks (born c. 1930), American professor and college football coach
  • Banita Jacks, American convicted murderer
  • Brian Jacks (born 1946), British judoka
  • Digby Jacks (1945–2011), British trade union official
  • George Jacks (born 1946), English association football player
  • Harry Jacks (1908–1994), New Zealand soldier, plant pathologist, lecturer and forester
  • James Jacks (1947–2014), American film producer
  • Katrina Jacks (1986–2010), Welsh rower and chemical engineer
  • L. P. Jacks (1860–1955), English educator, philosopher, and Unitarian minister
  • Onimim Jacks, Nigerian lawyer
  • Robert Jacks (born 1943), Australian painter, sculptor and printmaker
  • Ron Jacks (born 1948), Canadian swimmer
  • Sam Jacks (1915–1975), Canadian sports inventor
  • Susan Jacks (1948–2022), Canadian singer–songwriter
  • Terry Jacks (born 1944), Canadian singer, songwriter, record producer and environmentalist
  • Tex Jacks (born 1995), British actor
  • Tyler Jacks, American biologist
  • William Jacks (1841–1907), British ironmaster, author, and politician

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