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Jacuzzi Inc.
IndustryPlumbing manufacturing
Founded1915; 107 years ago (1915)
FounderJacuzzi family
Area served
ProductsMattresses, hot tubs, bath tubs, showers, toilets, sinks, and accessories
Number of employees
SubsidiariesSundance Spas, ThermoSpas, Dimension One Spas, Hydropool, Bathwraps, Dream Maker Spas, Sunrise Spas

Jacuzzi Brands LLC (/əˈkzi/; Italian: [jaˈkuttsi]), through its subsidiaries, is a global manufacturer and distributor of branded baths, hot tubs, pools, saunas and, formerly, aircraft. Jacuzzi is a federally registered trademark of Jacuzzi Inc. as of September 5, 1978.[1]


Jacuzzi Brothers was founded in 1915 by seven Italian brothers from Casarsa della Delizia in Northern Italy,[2][3] led by Giocondo Jacuzzi and Candido Jacuzzi. The company made wooden propellers under military contracts, based at 2043 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley, California. In 1920, the brothers also dabbled briefly with aircraft design and manufacture, with a single-seat monoplane and a seven-seat cabin monoplane. Both aircraft were noted for their use of laminated wood products for fuselage manufacture, but were essentially unsuccessful, with only one of each type being built. In 1921, Giocondo Jacuzzi, along with the pilot and two company employees, were all killed when one of their airplanes crashed in Modesto.[4] By 1923, the company was styled as Jacuzzi Bros Propellers, with headquarters at 1450 San Pablo Ave.[5]

In 1956, when Candido Jacuzzi's toddler Ken was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, the brothers designed a pump, the J-300, that could be submerged in a bathtub to provide hydrotherapy treatments. In 1968, Jacuzzi created the world's first integrated jet whirlpool bath, and by 1970, Jacuzzi invented larger indoor tubs to accommodate groups of people or whole families.[6]

In October 2006, private equity firm Apollo Management announced a $990 million leveraged buyout of Jacuzzi Brands.[7] In 2019, Jacuzzi LLC was acquired by Investindustrial.[8]


The company sponsors the athletes of the American skiing team, whose training facilities are equipped with Jacuzzi hot tubs and hydromassage equipment.[9][10][11][12]

Jacuzzi aircraft[edit]

Jacuzzi 1920 Single Seater Monoplane 1
Powered by a converted Ford Model T engine.[13][14]
Jacuzzi 1920 Single Seater Monoplane 2
modified aircraft with re-designed tail unit and powered by a Roberts 4-X engine
Jacuzzi J-7 Reo[13][15][16]


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