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Jamey is a given name. Notable people with the name include:

  • Jamey Aebersold (born 1939), American jazz saxophonist and music educator
  • Jamey Bowen (born 1969), former lacrosse player
  • Jamey Carroll (born 1974), American professional baseball infielder
  • Jamey Chadwell (born 1977), the head football coach at Delta State University
  • Jamey Driscoll (born 1986), professional American Cyclocross and road racing cyclist
  • Jamey Grosser, former professional Supercross racer and current serial entrepreneur originally from Minnesota
  • Jamey Haddad (born 1952), American percussionist in jazz and world music, specializing in hand drums
  • Jamey Heath, political activist in Ontario, Canada
  • Jamey Jasta (born 1977), American musician and vocalist from New Haven, Connecticut
  • Jamey Jewells (born 1989), Team Canada athlete, women's wheelchair basketball
  • Jamey Johnson (born 1975), American Grammy Award nominated country music artist
  • Jamey Mosley (born 1995), American football player
  • Jamey Richard (born 1984), American football center
  • Jamey Rootes, American sports executive
  • Jamey Scott, musical composer for film, television, and video games
  • Jamey Sheridan (born 1951), American actor
  • Jamey Wright (born 1974), American professional baseball pitcher

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