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Janes is an English patronymic family name. Its root is believed to be from the possessive of the given name Jan (see Jayne), John or Ian. In England, the name appears to have its densest roots in Bedfordshire and Gloucestershire as well as a few in the East End of London though migration has spread it across the country and the English-speaking world. There are two coats of arms associated with Janeses, one Gloucester-based and the other Kent-based. Janes is an uncommon given name.

Region of originEnglish language
Other names
See alsogiven names "Jane", "Jan"

Equivalents exist in other languages, most often in pronunciation rather than spelling:

  • Eanes
  • Ianes
  • Iōannēs (Greek)
  • Janeš (Czech)

Notable people with the surname Janes[edit]

See also[edit]

  • Jänes
  • Jaynes
  • Jane (disambiguation) – Jane is a common given name. The forms "Janes" (plural), "Jane's" (possessive) and "Janes" (corrupted possessive) are widely used. The omission of punctuation in Internet references has made the last form increasingly common in recent years.


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