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Jed or JED may refer to:


People and fictional characters[edit]

  • Jed (given name), a list of people and fictional characters with the given name or nickname
  • Jed the Fish (born 1955), radio disc jockey Edwin Fish Gould III
  • Jed Madela, stage name of Filipino recording artist and TV host John Edward Tajanlangit (born 1977)


Other uses[edit]

  • HMS Jed, several Royal Navy ships
  • Jed (album), by the Goo Goo Dolls
  • Jed (wolfdog), an animal actor
  • Jed, a slang term for a member of the World War II secret Operation Jedburgh; collectively the members were known as 'The Jeds'
  • The Jed Foundation, a non-profit organization promoting emotional health and prevent suicide among college students


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