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Jive may refer to:



  • Hand jive, a dance particularly associated with music of the 1950s
  • Jive (dance), a dance style that originated in the United States from African Americans in the early 1930s
  • Modern Jive, a dance style derived from swing, Lindy Hop, rock and roll, salsa and others
  • Skip jive, a British dance, descended from the jazz dances of the 1930s and 1940s jive

Other uses[edit]

  • Glossary of jive talk, an African-American Vernacular English slang or vocabulary that developed in Harlem
  • Jive (software), a commercial Java EE-based Enterprise 2.0 collaboration and knowledge management tool
  • Joint Institute for VLBI ERIC, a research institute to support the operations and users of the European VLBI Network
  • Jive Jones (born 1981), American singer, songwriter, producer, model, and actor


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