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Jocko is a nickname, often for John or Joseph. Notable people named Jocko include:

  • Jocko Anderson (1892–1960), Canadian professional ice hockey player
  • Joseph J. Clark (1893–1971), Native American US Navy admiral
  • Jocko Collins (1905–1986), National Basketball Association referee and supervisor of officials
  • Jocko Conlan (1899–1989), American Hall-of-Fame Major League Baseball umpire
  • Jocko Conlon (1897–1987), Major League Baseball player
  • Jocko Cunningham (born 1950), former racing driver who competed in the SCCA/ECAR Formula Atlantic series from 1986 to 1990
  • Jocko Fields (1864–1950), Major League Baseball player
  • Jocko Flynn (1864–1907), Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Joaquín "Jack" García (born 1952), retired undercover FBI agent
  • Jack Gotta (1929–2013), American football player, coach and general manager, mainly in the Canadian Football League
  • Jocko Halligan (1868–1945), Major League Baseball player
  • Jocko Henderson (1918–2000), American radio personality
  • Luke Johnson (musician) (born 1981), English rock musician, drummer and songwriter
  • Jocko Maggiacomo (born 1947), NASCAR Winston Cup series driver
  • Jocko Marcellino (born 1950), American singer, musician, songwriter, producer, actor and one of the founders of the American rock and roll group Sha Na Na
  • Sherman Maxwell (1907–2008), African-American sportscaster and chronicler of Negro league baseball
  • Jocko Milligan (1861–1923), Major League Baseball catcher
  • Jack Nelson (American football) (1927–1978), American college and National Football League coach
  • Jocko Sims (born 1981), American actor best known for his role as Anthony Adams (aka Panic) on the Starz network series Crash
  • Gwyn Thomas (reporter) (1913–2010), Canadian crime reporter
  • Jocko Thompson (1917–1988), Major League Baseball pitcher
  • John "Jocko" Willink (born 1972), retired United States Navy SEAL, author of Extreme Ownership, host of Jocko Podcast

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