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Quirk or Quirks is having unconventional beliefs or manner, for example mispronouncing, in-jokes, clumsy and ditsy, and may refer to:

People with the surname[edit]

  • John Quirk (1849–1924), Anglican Bishop
  • Billy Quirk (1873–1926), American silent film actor
  • Mary Quirk (1880–1952), Australian politician
  • Robert E. Quirk (1918–2009), American historian
  • Randolph Quirk (1920–2017), British linguist and life peer
  • Lawrence J. Quirk (1923–2014), American author, reporter, and film historian
  • Ed Quirk (1925–1962), American football fullback in the National Football League
  • John Shirley-Quirk (1931–2014), British bass-baritone singer
  • Art Quirk (1938–2014), American Major League Baseball player
  • Bryan Quirk (born 1946), Australian rules footballer
  • Jamie Quirk (born 1954), American Major League Baseball player
  • Margaret Quirk (born 1957), Minister for Corrective Services for the Australian Labor Party
  • Wendy Quirk (born 1959), Canadian Olympic swimmer
  • Les Quirk (born 1965), British Rugby League player
  • Brian Quirk (born 1968), Democratic member of the Iowa House of Representatives
  • Moira Quirk (born 1968), English actress, voice actress, comedian and referee of Nickelodeon GUTS
  • Daniel Quirk (1982–2005), American professional wrestler
  • Daniel J. Quirk, CEO/Owner of Quirk Auto Group
  • Graham Quirk (b. 1958), Australian politician
  • Jim Quirk (born 1940s), American football official in the National Football League
  • Sharon Quirk-Silva (born 1962), American politician
  • David Quirk (born 1981), Australian comedian and actor

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