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Yashmak, worn by Halide Edip

A yashmak, yashmac or yasmak (from Turkish yaşmak, "a veil"[1]) is a Turkish type of veil or niqab worn by some Muslim women to cover their faces in public. Today there is almost no usage of this garment in Turkey. Veil is a Persian custom adopted by Arabs.[2]


Unlike an ordinary veil, a yashmak contains a head-veil and a face-veil in one, thus consisting of two pieces of fine muslin, one tied across the face under the nose, and the other tied across the forehead draping the head.

A yashmak can also include a rectangle of woven black horsehair attached close to the temples and sloping down like an awning to cover the face, called peçe, or it can be a veil covered with pieces of lace, having slits for the eyes, tied behind the head by strings and sometimes supported over the nose by a small piece of gold.

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  1. ^ From an identical Old Turkish verb meaning indeed "to cover, hide". The original verb has become obsolete and a new verb, yaşmak-la-mak [segmented ad hoc], "to veil", has developed.
  2. ^ "Purdah | Islamic custom". Encyclopedia Britannica. Retrieved 2018-02-08.


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