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Yaw or yaws may refer to:

  • Yaw angle, one of the Tait–Bryan angles, describing the heading of a vehicle or machine, and some other related elements:
    • Yaw system, component responsible for the orientation of a wind turbine towards the wind
    • Yaw bearing, one of the components to keep optimal heading in a wind turbine
  • Yaw, rotation around the vertical axis in aircraft, an aspect of flight dynamics and some other related elements:
  • Yaw (god), a Levantine god
  • Yaw drive, a wind turbine component
  • CFB Shearwater, Shearwater, Nova Scotia Canada
  • Ellen Beach Yaw (1869–1947), a concert singer
  • Eugene Yaw (born 1943), a Republican member of the Pennsylvania State Senate
  • Yaw-Yan, a Filipino martial art
  • Yaws, a tropical disease
  • Yaws (web server)
  • Yaw (ethnic group), a Burmese ethnic group
  • Yaw (name), a Ghanaian given name for a boy born on Thursday

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