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Yod may refer to:

  • Yodh, the tenth letter in many Semitic alphabets, including Phoenician, Hebrew, and Aramaic
  • Palatal approximant, a consonant sound in many spoken languages, including the "y-sound" in English words such as you and RP tune; IPA /j/.
  • Yod (astrology), an astrological aspect formation
  • YOD, IATA airport code for CFB Cold Lake, a Canadian Forces Base in Cold Lake, Alberta
  • Father Yod (1922–1975), alias of James Edward Baker, musician and spiritual leader
  • Year of the Dolphin, a 2007 observance by the United Nations Environment Programme to promote agreements on dolphin conservation
  • The name of the gods in the 1999 video game Outcast.
  • Yod, an alternative name of Leslie Daiken (1912–1964)

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