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Zee is the phonetic pronunciation of the letter Z in American English ("zed" in Commonwealth English).

Zee may also refer to:


  • Zee (徐), a Wu Chinese surname, an equivalent of Xu
  • Anthony Zee (b. 1945), Chinese-American physicist
  • Chief Zee (born 1941-2016), American sports fan
  • Ginger Zee (born 1981), American meteorologist
  • Hope Jane Zee (born 1930), American actress better known as Hope Holiday
  • Joe Zee (born 1968), American stylist
  • Ona Zee (born 1951), American pornographic actress
  • Phyllis Zee, professor
  • Teddy Zee, American film producer
  • Troi Zee, American actress
  • Young Zee (born 1975), American hip hop emcee

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