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Zinger may refer to:


  • Zingers, an American snack cake made by both Dolly Madison and Hostess


  • Paul Azinger, American professional golfer also known by the nickname Zinger
  • Zinger (born 1990), stage name of Jung Hana, a South Korean rapper in girl group Secret
  • Abraham Zinger (1864–1920), Imperial Russian writer
  • Keith Zinger (born 1985), American football tight end
  • Dwayne Zinger (born 1976), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Pablo Zinger (born 1956), conductor, pianist, writer, composer, arranger, lecturer and narrator
  • Vasily Jakovlevich Zinger (1836–1907), prominent Russian mathematician, botanist and philosopher
  • Viktor Zinger (born 1941), retired ice hockey player
  • Yisrael Zinger (born 1948), Israel politician


  • Zinger, flying enemies present in the Donkey Kong series of video games
  • Zinger, Iran, a village in Razavi Khorasan Province, Iran
  • Weekly cabaret listing in Londonist
  • Mitsubishi Zinger, a crossover SUV sold in Taiwan and some Asian countries
  • Image artefacts in reconstructed X-ray crystallography data, due to high energy particles impacting fiber optics associated with imaging CCD detectors.
  • The Zinger, a 1975 rock musical by Harry Chapin
  • Zinger, a portable powered mobility chair


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