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Zo or ZO may refer to:

Arts and entertainment[edit]


  • Zo people, a group of indigenous tribe in Burma and northeast India
    • Zou people, one of those tribes
    • Zo language, the language spoken by the Zo people
    • Zogam or Zoland, the land of Zo people, also Chin State, Mizoram State, Manipur State, and Nagaland


Other uses[edit]

  • Zo (bot), artificial intelligence chatbot developed by Microsoft
  • ZO sex-determination system, chromosomal system in biology determining the sex of some moth species
    • ZO, heterogametic female designation under this system
  • Renault Zo, a car introduced in 1998
  • Zone occupée, the partition of France occupied by German troops during the initial years of World War II

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