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Zoomorphs is a line of educational building toys made by River Dolphin Toys, a Brooklyn-based company. Each set of Zoomorphs contains between 30 and 100 plastic animal pieces that can be snapped together to form actual creatures, such as a cat or dinosaur, or rearranged to create fantasy creatures, such as a dino-cat-horse-bird. Each set's pieces are interchangeable with the pieces of all the other sets.[1] As of late 2006, Zoomorphs were available in nearly 1,100 specialty toy stores.[2]


There are currently eleven sets of Zoomorphs. There are nine sets based on real animals and two sets of Mythmorphs, which were released in early 2008.[1] The sets are:


  • Zoomorphs received TDmonthly's Top Seller 2007 Award.[3]
  • The discontinued Fliers set was nominated for the Family Fun Toy of the Year Award in 2005.[4]
  • Zoomorphs was named Best Toy of 2008 in the Construction/Building Category by Leapin' Lizards Toy Co.[5]


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