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Zoophobia, or animal phobia, is the irrational fear or aversion towards animals (excluding humans). Zoophobia is the general negative reaction of animals, but it is usually divided into many subgroups, each being of a specific type of zoophobia. Although zoophobia as a whole is quite rare, types of the fear are common. As mentioned before by Sigmund Freud, an animal phobia is one of the most frequent psychoneurotic diseases among children.[1] Zoophobia is almost never towards mammals, but instead towards non-mammalia creatures. A list of common zoophobias is shown below.

Phobia Condition
Ailurophobia fear of cats
Arachnophobia fear of arachnids
Batrachophobia fear of amphibians
Chiroptophobia fear of bats
Cynophobia fear of dogs
Entomophobia fear of insects
Equinophobia fear of horses
Ichthyophobia fear of fish
Lepidopterophobia fear of butterflies and/or moths
Melissophobia fear of bees
Musophobia fear of mice and rats
Ophidiophobia fear of snakes
Ornithophobia fear of birds
Ostraconophobia fear of shellfish
Ranidaphobia fear of frogs
Vermiphobia fear of worms

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